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Thread: Anyone doing anything interesting with their bike

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    Anyone doing anything interesting with their bike

    After the accident and being bashed up a bit I am stuck at home operating a couch and the TV while healing takes place. My wife has been driving me around when needed. So if any of you folks are planning any adventures, trips major maintenance tasks etc. I would like to read about them if you care to share. Maybe other folks would as well.

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    Here is some place to read about stuff:

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    Sorry to hear about your injury.

    I'm working on documenting and riding the best routes from Santa Cruz to Death Valley depending on the time of year.

    I love riding in Death Valley more than anywhere.
    My favorite route is through Yosemite along Tioga Pass (rte 120) with a stay in Lee Vining and then continue along rte 120 to take Rte 6 south to 395 and to Death Valley. The trouble is that this route has only a few weeks each year where Tioga Pass is open (due to snow) and Death Valley isn't 110 degrees so I'm working on finding different ways to get to Death Valley in the winter months that doesn't involve I5 or Rte 99.

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