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Thread: Bluetooth Earbuds with Sena

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlobalRider View Post
    Repositioning them will be my last resort. They are in the dedicated speaker pockets and I did remove the foam attached to the plastic inserts.

    I really have to wonder why manufacturers don't test their products under all conditions. The almighty buck rules, I guess.
    Like I mentioned, once I cut the thin membrane the speakers were behind, and repositioned them, they are plenty loud enough at 80mph.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GlobalRider View Post
    I saw a YouTube of a rider that used something similar. He used a Bose set-up. They were a bit pricey and I wasn't sure they would work as I would want them to work. Since then my Sena 10R which I've bought in 2016 are just used as decoration on my helmet. LOL

    I'll look up those Shures.

    Now that I have seen them, you say "the entire piece fit within the ear, making the process of putting on / taking off the helmet a breeze". Do they fit over the ear and into the ear channel, because my earbuds pop off when putting on my Shoei Neotec. These things are supposed to act as both the speaker and earplug. Edited to add: Just saw the video, the cable runs over the ear for a more secure fit.
    I answered your PM but:

    the buds fit nicely within the ear (at least in my ears) and don't stick out to provide any protrusions that you might catch on your helmet. As you saw in the video the use is a bit unusual because, once the buds are in you ear, the cable runs up, over, and down the backside of the ear. Very comfortable IMHO.

    Can't really recommend them highly enough, they provide a reasonable level of sound isolation without totally blocking out engine, traffic sounds. I use the Silicone "christmas tree" style ear inserts due to comfort and isolation.

    One thing i would like to stress is that the earbuds are "snap-fit" to the cords. This means that if your cord gets broken you can replace the cord - much cheaper than buying a new pair of quality earbuds. You can also buy longer, shorter, or heavier duty cords but keep the same buds.

    YMMV but I think they are a no brainer for quality earbuds, unless you want to buy the higher-end versions which have the same replaceable cord function. Shure products are used by many musicians to provide sound isolation and true sound.

    No, I don't work for Shure. But if they want to send me a pair of SE 515's I wouldn't complain


    PS - I have a pair of noise cancelling Bose Earbuds that I love - but they DO NOT work on the motorcycle, I keep getting periodic Popping sounds when ever I try to use them

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    Quote Originally Posted by drneo66 View Post
    Are you riding with ear plugs in? It sound counterintuitive, but the ear plugs cut the road/wind noise, allowing me to hear the Sena much better.
    I agree , Tom. Accidently taken off forgetting to put in plugs and have a hard time listening to tunes without them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skibumwi View Post
    Can't really recommend them highly enough...
    Well there is a music store here in town that has a set of those Shure earbuds. So I'll cart my helmet along and give them a try with respect to fit.

    I just ordered the Sena 10R-A0101 Earbud Adapter Split Cable for my 10R since the unit does not have a 3.5 mm socket.

    Got the cable yesterday.

    Not that it affects cable operation, but does anyone know what that section within the red circle is called? It is called a "strain relief" and I wish manufacturers knew how to design one. Almost 100% of them are useless and as stiff as the connector attached to them. No fancy smancy degree, but I sure could show them how.
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