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Thread: Sw-Motech crash bars

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    Sw-Motech crash bars

    I just bought an F700GS after not having a bike for many years. One of the accessories I found for it is a set of SW-Motech crash bars. They seem to be very well designed and sturdy. However, the directions are a little hard to figure out. There are quite a few similar bolts and spacers, making it hard to know for sure which ones go where. Does anyone know how to make sense of it?

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    Decoding the directions

    I think I have answered my own question. I sat down with the Motech directions, all the screws and spacers ro attempt to decode it. Also with a small metric ruler. I wanted to confirm that all the parts were there as well.

    For the spacers, they show something like this: 20/10,5/50. (Whatís with Europeans and commas, anyway?)

    This translates to 20 mm OD, 10.5 mm ID, 50 mm length.

    For the hex screws (bolts) they show something like M10 x 100; DIN 931.

    This translates to a 10 mm screw with a length of 100 mm under the head.

    I was able to identify all of the screws and spacers, and marked each one with a Sharpie marker for easy identification during assembly. I also checked each one off on the directions to make sure all the parts were included. They were.

    I am now confident that I can install the bars. Iím hoping this might help someone in the future.


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    SW-Motech Support

    This is a follow-up about SW-Motech support. I had sent an inquiry to SW-Motech in Germany through their website. They forwarded my question to Twisted Throttle, their North American distributor. Brendan at Twisted Throttle then emailed me to offer any help I might need. He also let me know that they are happy to provide support for any of the products they carry. They have a toll-free number for the US and Canada: 855-255-5550

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