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Thread: Helmet and protective gear

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    Glad you are on the mend. Good luck with your new bike.
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    When you trust a company to self certify that something is safe and meets standards you are trusting them to not cheat. My opinion is that such trust is often misplaced. Ask Boeing how that's working out for them.
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    Assuming that you were wearing KLIM protective gear, you should be aware of their gear protection guarantee. To my eye, a rider wearing KLIM gear looks anything but "dorky"...techno-cool would be a better description.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stooie View Post
    ... I, too am an ATGATT guy. Although I would never consider riding without the rest of my gear, I must confess I occasionally consider just wearing jeans instead of my riding pants if I'm going somewhere where I will be mixing with people while off of the bike. My own opinion is it's the pants that make the total outfit look kind of dorky. ...
    I have a few pairs of riding jeans (two with armor and one without) and they all look pretty good and are rated much more highly than normal demin for abrasion resistance. They definitely bridge the gap in my wardrobe between of bike clothes and hard core riding gear. I can wear these jeans when I'm doing a customer visit for work or other social event where I'm using my RT more as transportation than "fun".
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    I dumped my 07 RT on a rainy road down in Texas several years ago. I walked away without anything serious, but all those zippers I liked for getting leather clothes on easily popped and left my skin exposed. Now I curse my less zippered clothing to put on but know that its less likely to fail. I was lucky like you and nobody ran me over, something that no amount of clothing would have helped with. I also got a fast lesson in liability as the insurance company's first questions were about whether I had a legal drivers license, properly registered bike, and whether any law enforcement was involved. All of these were calculated to find a way for them to deny coverage due to my negligence. It all worked out OK in the end and the bike was totaled, which frankly I was glad about since repairs would have been extensive. Put a kink in my trip but I considered myself lucky regardless. You can always get another bike, but human body damage is another matter, something you can't buy your way out of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlong0609 View Post
    Assuming that you were wearing KLIM protective gear, you should be aware of their gear protection guarantee.
    I've been involved in a few unplanned "get offs" in my day. In all cases insurance covered my gear, no matter who the manufacture was. This also included my helmet.
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    Thank you all for the good wishes

    A big thank you to everyone for their kind comments and concerns and advice.

    My background puts me in a very good position to deal with accidents. 12 years as a police officer and the last few as the Accident Reconstructionist for my department. I was on 24 hour call for all fatalities that happened in my jurisdiction to include accidents and homicides involving automobiles as a weapon. When I left law enforcement I ran my own business investigating accidents and reconstructing them for more than a decade.

    I have seen the games insurance companies play to avoid paying a claim first hand. I have also seen the games people play trying to commit fraud on the insurance companies. It is one of those things that most folks do not have enough knowledge and experience to solve, and I include police and insurance adjusters in this group as they are able to go as far as their training allows but may not know they are wrong. In many cases they are just incorrect in their conclusions and are doing so with no ill will. When dealing with adjusters and police in something like this I initially let them know of my background and standing as an expert and volunteer assistance with their efforts to get to the bottom of things. Since I offer to assist and generally have a very well prepared statement prior to talking with them my offer is met with positive actions on their part and am considered an asset to their case rather than an impediment.

    It appears I have made some friends at the local police department by saving evidence that was on my person, having a nicely typed statement that could be used to write the narrative portion of the accident report and asking if I could also examine the pickup that hit me and volunteering my insight into the matter for their consideration. This was met in a very positive way and I will travel to see the vehicles with the deputy on Monday morning.

    In order to preserve the evidence I will not touch any thing on the other vehicle but by looking I might be able to point out things that they are unaware of.

    Again thanks to all the folks that responded to offer well wishes and advice it is greatly appreciated!

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    This has got me thinking about upgrading my own gear!
    Praying for your recovery.

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    gallows humor in the er

    My sense of humor manifests itself in strange ways. I was hauled into the ER and I am laying on the bed right after I was shifted from the ambulance cart. The two nurses are beginning to ask questions. Nurse 1 "How do you feel?" Reply "Like I have been hit by a truck." Nurse 2 "What happened?" Reply "I was hit by a truck." Laughter and then I told them the narrative of the hit and run. Later on I found out I was mobile and the truck like my bike was immobilized on the side of the road. The driver said he hit a deer, as I understand it he is in jail at this time, unless he made bail.

    Over all not a bad visit to the er and I was released in a few hours with pain killers called into my pharmacy. It always pays to keep your sense of humor at the ready when bad things happen a positive attitude can make your recovery easier and faster.

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    Thumbs up Another bit of maybe useful advice

    When you are in an accident begin recording your recollection of events as soon as possible after the event. Keep in mind you may or may not be completely accurate due to your participation in the accident. Do not assume things that you do not know through at least one of your five senses.

    I have given my narrative to both my insurance company and the deputy investigating the case. It follows for you guys to read. By doing so it is a matter of public record an open to discovery so keeping it a secret is of no value.

    February 6, 2020

    At approximately 0300 hours I left the Greenville Water Treatment Plant, where I am employed,and began traveling to my home. The weather had recently snowed and the temperature was 32.9 degrees F, and had gusting winds to 32 mph out of the north. I know this because I recently recorded the weather data at the water plant.

    I got on my motorcycle and began the journey paying particular attention for ice formations on bridges. I found two bridges to have been somewhat iced on the way home, and was traveling between 50mph and 70 mph as road conditions and speed limits permitted.

    Between Klondike and Cooper the temperature dropped to 32 degrees, at which point I began slowing to 40 MPH as I was approaching the bridges over the small creeks. Between the top of the hill and the first bridge I was struck from behind by a pickup truck. The vehicle was traveling considerably faster than I was as I only saw the headlights for a brief instant before the impact. The motorcycle was knocked out from under me and I felt a severe impact to my left triceps. I felt myself being knocked into the air and lost consciousness prior to hitting the ground. I landed in the lane I was traveling in, the right most lane, and regained consciousness while rolling along the asphalt. I came to rest in the right hand lane and was able to see a pickup truck driving away from me between 400-800 yards toward the city of Cooper.

    The motorcycle had come to rest in the ditch on the right side of the road laying on its right side with the front wheel a slight amount up hill from the very bottom of the ditch. My cell phone and wallet were in the right hand saddle bag which was pinned under the motorcycle. I was unable to right the motorcycle on my own so I could not immediately call 911. I spent a few moments trying to flag down passing motorists and two cars passed one in each direction as well as a semi-truck. The next vehicle to come by was operated by XXXX XXXXXXXXX. He stopped and helped me turn the motorcycle onto its left side and I retrieved my cell phone and wallet and called 911.

    The collision occurred slightly after 0330 hrs. I had just looked at the dash checking the temperature and noticed the time. My initial plan was to call the sheriff's office and report the the accident and get a ride home and have my wife take me to the hospital to be examined. As I waited I thought that the responding deputy could be quite a long distance off and asked the state road people that stopped after XXXX was there if they could wait and let the deputy know that I was leaving to seek medical attention. The swelling in my left arm was growing rapidly and the pain level was increasing so I decided to leave at that point. Previously I was up walking around and in pain but it was not very severe initially. XXXX drove me home and while getting ready to go to the hospital I became very dizzy and had to wait before I could stand and walk again. At this point my wife called 911 and asked for an ambulance. The EMS ambulance arrived and took me to the ER at the hospital in Sulphur Springs. I was released after numerous examinations showed no broken bones or damaged internal organs. The extent of damage appears to be soft tissue injuries.

    I was wearing a helmet, a face shield, an armored riding jacket that was reflective in nature, protective motorcycle gloves, rain pants, blue jeans, long underwear, and Red Wing work shoes.

    The above narrative was written while all events were fresh in my mind and it is not polished in any way. Had I spent more time going over it I could have written a better document and included more information. As it is it is in chronological order and was taken down very soon after the accident. That kind of information is very helpful to investigators and is very helpful to the individuals that are involved in an accident that they did not cause.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlong0609 View Post
    Assuming that you were wearing KLIM protective gear, you should be aware of their gear protection guarantee. To my eye, a rider wearing KLIM gear looks anything but "dorky"...techno-cool would be a better description.
    Aerostich has, or at least had, a crash discount for replacement gear.
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    Can your really call it ATGATT when you don't have include an air vest?

    The kind of trauma that typically does you in is quite often blunt-force deceleration injury and unfortunately while our armored pants and jackets certainly help some, and help a lot more for road rash which itself can turn into deep tissue shearing, these don't do all that much to save you in the type of blunt force injury that is more life threatening. I use Olympia Motosport armored high vis jacket, armored black pants, tall TCX armored boots, Alpinestars armored gloves and an RF-1200 helmet in white.

    I've been on the fence to add an air-vest, which it seems to me addresses blunt force injury to spine, chest, pelvis much more than the other gear can save a good helmet. So far I've obviously not been willing to deal with another layer of hassle quite yet in going w/ an air vest, but to me I don't think I can honestly say I'm doing ATGATT w/o one!

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    got a helite vest two years ago. i don't go anywhere on my bikes without it.
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    Glad you're OK, and I'll pile on the ATGATT bandwagon. I'm always geared up, and more importantly my 28 year old son always is too, without exception. When I was 28 I was immortal and not as safety focused as I should have been. He's in full gear every ride, and I'm very glad about that. I think that's one of the reasons he likes BMW - he likes the brand itself (he drives a 325i) but he also likes the fact that ATGATT is the rule rather than the exception with BMW riders.
    Dave K.
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