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as long as this has morphed into injury protection via turtle from pure injury- any pointers on sizing? by their chart I'm XL but comments here and elsewhere indicate a Large is good for a 5'9' 180lb guy with a 42" chest (nekkid) wearing a roadcrafter (or foxcreek leather or Olympia or Rokker denim overshirt...thoughts? is the 2 cut differently enough I should go strictly by their chart
I was told a large would fit me by their rep. I'm also 5'9" 180#'s. I had to adjust the buckles to about 1/2" longer to get that "fist" room they want you to have on the vest. The xl would have been way too big, the rep called it correctly. PM for direct contact number to the rep in Ca. if you're decide one is in your future.