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Thread: New to me 07 GSA...what do I need to do?

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    New to me 07 GSA...what do I need to do?

    I just got an 07 GS Adventure with 27k miles.
    Love the bike so far.
    Only thing odd to me...It is not a hard case on top....its a soft top case?
    Other than that the bike is great.

    I am owner #3 although owner #2 only put about 200 miles on it because he was worried about the height.
    He just did the oil change and a new K/N air filter.
    I asked about the major service and the valves. Owner 2 just said that owner 1 told him it was all serviced up to date and the recals were done.
    That doesnt make me feel very comfortable.
    Should I do the major service ASAP? assume its been done? mess with it at next oil change? what do you think?
    What else should I do to it?

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    Did you ask owner #2 who owner #1 is? It would be a big help to contact him for the dealer that did the service and warranty work.

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    Take your VIN number to the dealer or call them and ask if they have records of this vehicle. Where are you located?

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    Yeah. A dealer should be able to verify recalls at the very least.

    I bought my RT in March 2018 and I'm the third owner. I actually got records because the bike was sold new from the dealer I bought it from. It was obvious from those records that it sat for long periods (it only had 6,200 miles on it almost five years into it's life) so what I did was to do the 12k service (at 6,450 miles). See the picture? That was a week after I bought it. My wife thought I was insane. Haha...

    The main reasoning I applied is that since I'm planning to keep this machine for a long time it made sense to become familiar with it by working on it. I would also be assured that all the correct fluids were used, brake fluid changed, where the valve clearances were, the whole 9 yards. Then, at 12k, I ran the 12k again (minus brake fluid which is bi-annual) and checked and regreased the rear shaft splines. I did the regular 18k (really the 6k procedure) recently and am creeping up on the 24k check. Now I know going into it that I'll most likely need to reshuffle the shims (or get a couple of new ones) because a couple of my exhaust valves were trending open and were at the high limit at 18k.

    Anyways, long story short is that I am now intimately familiar with my ride, I have valve clearance and oil consumption trends, and a nice warm fuzzy feeling that my baby is being well taken care of.

    The moral of this long speech is that you are best to assume the worse and do whatever maintenance should have been done so that you can know what the current state of the motorcycle is without having to rely on something someone else told you (which, if it's not a dealer, might not be true). People have a notorious tendency to use cheap oil and skip doing other things, while honestly thinking that they are taking good care of it.

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    I'd call a dealer with the vin, see what shows up. If nothing shows up, then I'd start with a oils (engine, transmission, final drive), fluids (brake fluid) and grease (final drive/shaft). All of this is covered in the "tech subforum" and is very easy to do once the minimal plastic is off.

    I'd ditch the K&N filter too, but that may just be me

    All of this will cost you less than $100 and an afternoon of time. Plus you'll get to know the bike inside and out, so next time it will take even less time. Your local BMW club would probably have plenty of members that would be willing to lend a hand.

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