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Thread: 1200GS vs 1250GS

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    1200GS vs 1250GS

    Looking to buy either a 2018 or 2019 GS. Had a 2013GS, sold it for a 2015RT and going back to a GS (better fit, ride and handling for me). Just listed the RT and will look for a GS.

    Looking for thoughts on the 1200 vs 1250. Aside from the specs, any comments from people that owned both a 1200 and 1250 and can share likes/dislikes.

    Have a 34" inseam and usually raise the handle bars and seat and lower the pegs to get a good fit. Most of my riding is to escape the city and head out to the country. No off road riding. Also do a fair amount of highway driving.

    Appreciate any thoughts.

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    '18 or '19, it is the same motorcycle other than the engine.
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    As already noted both bikes are very similar except for the engine. And from what you describe I would go with a standard GS or some version thereof like the HP or Rally or Exclusive models. I bought the last 2018 my dealer had last April and got a great deal. So it really depends on what you want and how much you want to spend. I am sure you can get a killer deal on any 2018's or 2019's but the 2019 (1250) will probably be more money. But if me ... I would find the bike I like in the color and features I want or don't want and then buy it.

    Hope this helps. I have both the RT and GS and love them both. I don't ride off road but use the GS when my travels are on more curvy backroads and my RT for the more long distance trips. The GS is like the Swiss Army Knife of motorcycles.

    Good luck!
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    The 1250 engine is amazing. I ended up with the 1250 after test riding both. I'd been off motorcycles for a year due to health issues. At your height, you'll be able to handle a GSA. Test ride both, and see what you like the best. I've owned every version of the 1200 engine (except the HP) in various R bikes, and the 1250 is more flexible and nicer to ride than any of my 1200's. Good luck!

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    The 1250 engine is amazing.
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