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Thread: front end build on my 1985 bmw k100 !!!HELP!!!!

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    Post front end build on my 1985 bmw k100 !!!HELP!!!!

    hello everyone, i am new to the MOA. just bought my first 1985 bmw k100. i am redoing it into a cafe racer. ive got a problem understanding this front end and how i would be able to put a suzuki gxsr front end on the bike inculeds forks and brakes. i really need some help to figure out how i have to do that. if anyone is an expert on that please reach out to me. my name is brady, and you can contact me at 614-429-8822, if calling is easier. thanks and cheers

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    Hi Brady, welcome to the forum!

    How proficient are you at machining? As you probably know, this isn't a small undertaking. is a place that could further help your quest. I don't have any personal connection to them, but they do run a fancy website
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    You’re getting into seriously altering the geometry of your bike. Just sticking on another front end would not be wise.

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    I would think a cafe style fairing and a handle bar lowing kit is all that is needed. If not available a custom one could be built. A R1200S fairing might be adaptable.

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    Going on pure speculation, I'll offer up the following thoughts.
    Many front end swaps consist of sliding to donor bike's forks into the triple clamps of the target bike. In your case I'll guess that the GSXR's fork tubes are much larger in diameter than the old 85 K bike, so it'll not be a slide-in job. The possibility exist of machining out the triple clamps to accept a larger diameter fork, and/or turning down the fork OD. I seriously doubt there is enough material in either case to make this work. If your GSXR forks are upside down, the situation is even more unworkable.
    Ruling that out, you are faced with adapting the Suzi's triple clamps to your BMW. Not knowing anything about what they look like, I can't offer much advice here. My guess is it won't be easy.
    Good luck. Let us know how it plays out for you.

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    Hi Brady, and welcome to the forum.

    The GSXR front end conversion has been done on an Airhead, a number of years ago, by a guy who previously worked in BMW's development department.

    But you're into a fancy fabrication and machining project here, which you would probably need to farm out to a shop.

    The K bike chassis / suspension is actually pretty good, so suggest you just upgrade the front shocks.
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