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Thread: Looking for Remus or Akra Exhaust for K1300S

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    Looking for Remus or Akra Exhaust for K1300S

    I’m finally back on a K1300S—I owned a 2006 K1200S that I bought new but sold after only a couple of years. Several years (and bikes) later, I found a black 2015 K1300S with super low miles—getting it transported to STL from PA.

    I’d like to add a Remus slip on exhaust, or Akrapovic if anyone has one out there for sale.

    Thanks! Mike #86571
    Mike M
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    Mike -

    The forum posting guidelines don't allow posting wanted ads within the forum. The Marketplace link at the top of the page would be one place to put out feelers for this. Please keep this off the forums in the future. But if you want to post asking where you could find a good deal or suggestions on sources, that would be fine. You could edit your post along those lines.
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