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Thread: BMW MOA Anonymous book in app form

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    Quote Originally Posted by brownie0486 View Post
    Android, I'll log out and back in, we'll give that a try.

    Had to reset the pwd, now i'm on the app. No idea why my password didn't work, but I had to establish a new one here and the app came right up.

    As for the app, I like it. It's easy enough to navigate. From what I've explored so far, wherever I am I'll pull up my map, look for town's/cities nearest me and bring that location up on the app after plugging in the state. I like it already, closest to my location would be great but I don't see an issue finding closest help, one more step to get the map of that state up and determine closest to me. When traveling I take my National Geographic road atlas, easy enough to pull it out, and find nearest locales then search for same on the app under the state listings.

    Hell, if all else fails, one could call any number in that state to a member and tell them where you are and they could direct you to try areas near you knowing their state. Brothers helping brothers. If I took a call like that, it would be easy to direct them to the nearest town/city and they can go from there with the app.

    Appreciate the heads up on logging out and back in, pwd reset, all is good in the world. As a side not, just heard back from BMWMOA and they said the cards are running 4-6 weeks but if I'm traveling my current card would work just fine.
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    Awesome, glad you got hooked up!

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