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Thread: Heated Grips Not Working

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    John Erkan
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    Heated Grips Not Working

    I have a 2014 RTW and just realized that my right side heated grip stopped working.
    Ran my GS 911 and told me there is a short in the circuit.
    Looking for a viable repair procedure/thread rather than purchasing a whole new unit.
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    IMHO, the first step is to find out where in the circuit the short is and go from there. It means you need to trace the wire from the grip to the power source and hope it isn't the grip itself which would need to be replaced. IMHO it is easier to trace a wire from the grip hence my recommendation. YMMV
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    Did it actually say "short", or did it say "fault". A short is an unintended circuit path to ground without going through the device intended to be powered. An "open" circuit is a break in the path to, through, or from (ground) the device. Most faults on this type of device are open circuits, not short circuits. They are different and need to be troubleshot differently.
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    The most common fault would be an open in the grip itself. I was able to repair the heater on my '07 RT using a quality soldering gun and some resistance heating wire, but I think BMW has gone to a different type of grip heater and you will most likely need to replace the grip/heater assembly. If you know your way around a volt/ohm meter you can disconnect the heater at the handlebar connector and see what kind of ohm reading you get on the grip heater. My bet is it will read many megaohms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azgman View Post
    My bet is it will read many megaohms.
    For non-electrically minded - this would be an 'open' circuit adding credence to a finding of the grip heating wire as the issue.
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    heated grip

    there is a series of photos on the internet showing someone repairing a break in the wire of the heated grips on a bmw bike. They usually break right were the wires start in the grip. I believe it is on advrider but am not sure.

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    Based upon the findings of others later in the thread, the open circuit could be simply a 'cold solder joint' at the wire connection point to the grip heater element. This means the joint including the heater element and wire had not been correctly heated during the build soldering process. The repair is simply to re-heat the joint with a soldering iron and add a bit of new solder 'if' required.
    Ken Dittrick
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    Excuses are the rocks upon which our dreams are crushed - Tim Fargo

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