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    Angry Rambo

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the community and although I have been up on 2 wheels for 35 yrs now, I have recently purchased a 2002 R1150R with 45k on it. The bike is extremely comfortable and handles like a dream. I got caught in a traffic jam yesterday morning and while idling for about 5 minutes it overheated and the motor started rattling terribly to the point I thought it was going to blow. Is this normal? Do these oilhead have an issue overheating? And if so, what do I do about it? I'm afraid if I continue, especially with the noise it was making, I'm going to be looking for a replacement motor.....please help!

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    Welcome aboard!

    You would likely get plenty of responses if you posted this issue in the Oilheads area
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    Ok, thanks....I'm trying to get familiar with navigating around this thing..

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    My welcome as well! Check with the other owners in the Oilhead forum area for some ideas.

    I did this search on google: oilhead engine noise

    Try that in the google search box and you should find other threads about engine noise.
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