I grabbed a Cyclops 3800 lumen H4 over Black Friday and installed today in my 2009 G650GS (single headlight). I took some before and after shots using the manual mode on my old point n shoot camera. To be fair, I'm not sure how long the halogen has been in the bike, so some of its performance I'm sure has been degraded. The white garage door is 15' from the headlight, the lower black line is at 3' and the second line is at 4'. I also took a shot to compare the headlight to a model 30 advmonster spot light (1500 lumens). Installation was pretty simple, but I did have to cut off a little bit of the rubber headlight seal to allow the unit to seat correctly. The whole process took about 7 minutes. The Cyclops has a small shield to act as a cut off for the low beam - it appears to do a decent job, but you can tell there is just a wee bit of scatter. In my eyes, it appears the low beam has a larger, brighter "mustache" of light, but the high beam is more concentrated.

Halogen Low beam

Halogen High beam

LED Low beam

LED High beam

Picture of the aux. light - model 30 from ADVmonster