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The dust you see on your bike is probably salt. I would wash the bike after every ride.
I don't have a easy way to wash our bikes in the winter so I stop riding once they start using salt on the roads.
They use a lot of brine around here and at times the roads look white when dry.
I usually wait until spring rain and all the white residue has disappeared before I break out for the year. I heard once that if can't wash bike frequently after getting that salt dust all over bike it might make it worse to try and wash bike right after that one time ride and then put away for another month. Made sense to me in that I'd be adding moisture with the salt into nooks and crannies. It may be paranoia but my last stable of bikes that I bought new in 2002 timeframe stayed with me until 2016 without any corrosion problems. I have couple of 2016's now that I plan to keep for a long time. Although maybe I should consider something used and smaller to satisfy the winter cravings.

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