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Thread: BMW Boots

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    For your consideration-
    Gore-Tex works primarily in cool dry conditions......cross country skiing is a perfect example. When used in clothing construction, for actual body perspiration to transfer, the humidity outside has to be less than the humidity inside the clothing.
    This doesn’t mean GT won’t keep your feet (example) dry when using your favorite boots.....but in the rain, a plastic bag over your stocking feet is sorta similar.
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    Many Thanks for the measurements!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    I have the Pro Touring 1.
    From the floor to top of the boot at the back is 12.5"
    The heal is 1"thick.
    The front of the boot is 1/2" to 3/4" taller than the back.

    My wife has the women's Pro Touring 2 and they're approx 1/2" shorter than my boots due to the smaller size.

    My boots are size 46 and hers are size 41.
    Perfect information. Revzilla could not come up with a measurement at their call/ ordering center. Ordering a pair today............

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    I just measured 13.0" floor to top of back for Pro Touring 1 size 47.
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