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Thread: Fuel Filter Question

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    Just my 2 cents on the guglatech filter - in my case in a GSA tank. Basically a Tyvek looking sock fitted under the filler neck. Installation was a bit more fiddly than the instructions showed but not bad. I have ~1.5 years of use and it does give me additional confidence when away from the beaten track, especially Mexico. That said, I have not pulled it to see what has been caught. Only downside is that it does call for more gradual fill ups at the pump despite what the PR states.
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    The only thing that I could find in the parts fiche is #4

    There is no inline filter, as far as I've found. I have the same model as you, and have pulled the tank, changed the clutch, and had the motorcycle pretty apart.

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    There is in fact a BMW recommendation for changing the fuel filter. See this thread.

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    There is a larger (than oilhead) filter built into the upper pump assembly that is not replaceable.
    If it eventually clogs (loss of power at higher rpm) you have 2 options:
    Replace the whole assembly $$$
    Drill out wall in the filter and flush out backwards. Then install an external filter - the oilhead filter is a good candidate.

    There is a how to video.
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    The design changed on the liquid cooled bikes to provide for a replaceable filter although BMW only sells the entire assembly.

    Pump Assembly.jpg

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