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Thread: Fuel Filter Question

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    Just my 2 cents on the guglatech filter - in my case in a GSA tank. Basically a Tyvek looking sock fitted under the filler neck. Installation was a bit more fiddly than the instructions showed but not bad. I have ~1.5 years of use and it does give me additional confidence when away from the beaten track, especially Mexico. That said, I have not pulled it to see what has been caught. Only downside is that it does call for more gradual fill ups at the pump despite what the PR states.
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    The only thing that I could find in the parts fiche is #4

    There is no inline filter, as far as I've found. I have the same model as you, and have pulled the tank, changed the clutch, and had the motorcycle pretty apart.

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    I'll start by saying that I haven't worked on any R1200s but I am quite familiar with the F800s and I believe they are similar when it comes to the fuel pump and filter arrangement. On the F800s there is no mention of a fuel filter change interval and there is no separate part listed for a fuel filter. The entire fuel pump assembly is all that BMW sells. Some owners of higher mileage bikes have experienced fuel pump failures because the fuel filter got clogged and the harder working fuel pump was starved of the fuel that it needs for cooling. DIYers have taken to replacing the fuel filters themselves using the same filter that BMW uses (Mahle KL315 in this case). The filter only has a barb on one end that connects to a hose going to the fuel pump. The top outlet is held against the fuel tank cover by a clamp and o-ring sandwiched between the two provides the seal.

    The F800 fuel pump assembly looks much like the parts fiche drawing referred to in a previous post. I have illustrated here where I believe the fuel filter is. It's the round cylindrical thing that the arrow points to.

    Fuel Pump.jpg

    Here is a photo of the arrangement out of my wife's F800. The aluminum can is the filter.


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