I would like to hear comments or thoughts related to pulling a trailer with pop up tent on a trip this summer. I live in northwest CT and plan on riding my 2014 RT out to the rally in Great Falls this June. Figure while there I'd tour some (celebrate the 50th anniversary of my 21st birthday). There are great things to see out there: Mont Rushmore, Devils Rock, Deadwood, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, all before thee Great Falls Rally. Figure I'd ride to the Pacific coast than back home across the Tan Canada Highway.

Given the length of the trip (my preliminary route is 7000+ miles) and the time I allocated (6 weeks), I will need to haul a fair amount of gear. My thought is that a pop up tent/camper would provide the hauling capacity and portable lodging for the trip.

My questions and request for guidance are:
1. any thoughts or comments on pulling a pop up camper behind a 2014 R1200RT.
2. I found two retailers, Kampact Kampers from Myersatown PA and Solace Motorcycle camping trailer from Greenville SC. I lean toward the Kampact Kamper (they are close enough that ride down and collect the trailer). Does anyone know these trailers? Thoughts?
3. Are there any other trailers available?
4. Are there any used trailers available?
5. Is there a resale market for used trailers if I choose to sell the trailer after the trip.

I look forward to your comments. Patrick