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Thread: R90S fork springs

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    R90S fork springs

    Does anyone know if a 1975 R90S came from the factory with the HD front fork springs (part #31421232017)

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    Welcome to the forum! I can't tell if the heavy duty spring was installed from the factory. But the current online fiche shows it as a choice along with the non-reinforced spring #31421231358.
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    I think the HD spring has a white stripe or mark painted on the top.
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    My '75 R90S (purchased new) came with standard fork springs.

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    Fork Springs

    Quote Originally Posted by pwfix View Post
    Does anyone know if a 1975 R90S came from the factory with the HD front fork springs (part #31421232017)
    if memory serves, the HD springs were an option. I installed them on my 1974 R90s and IMHO, they're a huge improvement over Progressive's or other manufacturer's aftermarket springs.


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    IIRC the 017 springs first appeared with and were first exclusive to the R100RS. Extra fairing weight, you know.
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