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Thread: Suzuki DR650SE vs BMW G310GS

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    I had a DR-Z400 for about a year. Added a few farkles and looked forward to the much discussed simplicity.

    But although itís a capable machine, I thought it too primitive for my taste, and quickly got past the romantic idea of riding a long-in-the-tooth carbíd thumper. YMMV.

    So I narrowed my decision down to a reliable twin cylinder 500cc, water cooled, fuel injected bike with a decent subframe. I currently have that Rally Rid CB500X, but I hear KTM is coming out with a half liter twin ADV bike in a year or two. Fingers crossed they do make such an animal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    I really enjoy the KTM line and especially enjoyed the history of KTM. Part of that history is 'cause I'm old enough to remember the Penton.
    There is a great thread over at ADV on KTM's History

    I don't mind chains.....I don't mind belts.....Chains & Belts enabled the industrial revolution.
    KTM has quite a good story. I have a link in the above quote.
    I actually miss the fun of a 2-stroke even though there is really no place to ride around without the ďSUVíersĒ calling the police
    If I find something that is reasonable, I will probably pick it up. If itís KTM, all the better.
    I wasnít familiar with the CB500X until it was mentioned in a few recent threads. It looks like a great bike.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    I wasn’t familiar with the CB500X until it was mentioned in a few recent threads. It looks like a great bike.
    It’s been around for a good while, but in 2019 Honda gave the CB500X some nice upgrades. Notably, a 19” front wheel (previously both were 17”s), a very light slipper clutch, improved instrumentation, a bit more torque (at lower rpm, too), a bit more ground clearance, full LED lighting, reworked body panels, etc.

    So the 2019+ bikes are especially attractive. All for <$7K new with warranty.

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    The CB500x is a wonderful bike, good power, not too heavy, good on road manners decient on dirt roads. It has that unmistakable Honda quality.
    If you are looking at one to purchase, 2019 and newer is in my opinion the best bang for you buck. Prior to 2019 the bike is still very nice but it takes a boat load of money to turn it into a real "Adventure Bike".
    The only problem I found with my 2019 is that engine makes up is a intrical part of the frame. Motor guards and most notably skid plates are mounted to the same place where the motor mounts to the frame. This mounting position makes the engine mounting bosses volunerable to breaking or cracking when the skid plate take a sizable hit. There have been incidents where the bosses have broken. This engineering problen makes me believe there is a reason why Honda does not offer a skid plate for ths bike. Any serious off road activity with this bike requires a skid plate, the oil pan is in a volunerable position.
    After market skid plates all use these engine bosses for mounting.

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