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Thread: Corbin on k1600GT

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    Corbin on k1600GT

    Does anyone have the Corbin Dualtour on a K1600GT? If so, when trying to get your feet on the ground, is it higher, lower or the same as the standard BMW seat? When riding, are you further back than stock?

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    corbin comfort

    just installed a corbin on my '17 1600GT....rode about 125 miles so far (only glimpses of spring in IA in March).

    early observations:
    *appearance is great, I "spec'ed" a black with silver stitching.
    *height is very close to OE, maybe if anything just a 1/2" lower (I'm 6'2" and a healthy 200lbs)
    *position is also very close to OE, maybe a little forward but I think I notice this more because of the backstop more prominent
    *I did not purchase the rider back rest, I do have an OE trunk and arm rests installed for the passenger
    *firmness/comfort is great so far. (OE BMW seats suck so much I don't understand what the designers are thinking on these touring bikes)
    *great customer service as I spoke with "help line" at corbin and went with their suggestions on "no piping" and color choice
    *I have had Russel/Day Long in the past, while great comfort just too ugly so I went with the corbin

    hope that helps with your decision

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