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Thread: Premier Training Course

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    Premier Training Course

    Riders I am heading down to Greer, SC for the training course in September from Chicago. I have been riding for 6 years now but still donít feel like an experienced rider. Any advice from anyone whose taken this course before? Iím riding down by myself and plan on taking my sweet time, so I could use some advice on any places I should stop between Chicago and Greer.

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    Hi - I took the on-road training course at the BMW Performance Center in 2011. In my case, I had some experience on motorcycles in my late teens and early 20s, and then got back on a bike again 40+ years later in 2009. I rode an F650 for a while, then jumped to a 2008 RT. When I arrived at Greer, I think I had two years and maybe 10,000 miles of experience (discounting my time on two wheels 40 years earlier).

    You will find an experienced, helpful, and truly great staff of instructors at the course. As noted, I took the on-road course, but rode an R1200GS for the day. My view is that you'll do just fine, especially if you pay the extra $$, and don't have the concern of banging up your very nice, personally-owned BMW but one of the new machines they have for training.

    Others may differ, but I think you could not be in a better training situation.

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    Signor PB: Since you didn't get specific re: course or bike, I'd say "Keep an Open Mind" regarding the tasks they ask U to perform. Me & HSV-Karen took the off-road course. Not being "a boy," she never rode side-saddle and shimmied around on a bicycle, but the Gurus there "want to see What U Got." She was the only girl, and she felt overwhelmed by the testosterone out on the 'playground.' Personally, I rented their F800GS and had a BLAST; she rode their F650GS.
    You'll do fine if U "Go with the Flow," and follow their instructions. BUT THE FOOD WAS TERRIFIC! There's always Lunch to look forward to! When the course was over, we then got to PLAY on their selection of Husqvarna's. That, obviously, was several many years ago....
    CIAO! HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen
    PS. She still talks to me; we're still married. We just don't specialize in dirt anymore; mostly Long-Distance Riding...

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