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Thread: Happy new year from the new guy in Indiana !

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    Flat Lands

    Happy new year from the new guy in Indiana !

    Just wanting to say Hi from the flat lands !!

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    Welcome, ddub, from the coast of Kansas. Sorta flat here, too, but not as flat as northern Indiana. The southern part of your state is some marvelous riding, though.
    On the coast of Kansas
    2012 F800ST

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    Happy New Year, DDub!
    Hope you enjoy your Beemer this New Year up der in the Great White North (it don't snow that much anymore what with Global Warming!)... My olde buds live/work up that way in Indy. It's a Gr8 place to visit; just don't care to live that far north - - although a splendid visit to Columbus IN opened my eyes to more socially enlightened communities. We thus left MD for Rocket City, AL with zero regrets!
    Have some fun in 2020; maybe ride to Great Falls, MT! What the Heck?
    Ciao, HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen

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    Welcome, from...Indiana.
    92 K75S
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