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Thread: New member in MD

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    New member in MD

    Hello all...Im a long time Harley Davidson rider who has recently traded in his cruiser/tourer for a lightly used R1200RT. As much as I enjoyed Harleys, I never quite fit in with the Land Pirates, and in any case I love the new bike, which is an absolute delight to ride. IM looking forward to learning as much as I can about the world of BMW motorcycles. Thanks!

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    Welcome! I got back into motorcycling about a year ago when I bought an '03 R1150RT based on one test ride (and not knowing anything else about the brand). The folks on these forums have been incredibly helpful to me. You've come to the right place to learn!

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    Welcome to the world of BMWs! Where are you located and what type of riding do you like to do? Maybe there's some like-minded owners nearby.
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    Wilkommen HRAEFN

    Welcome to the National Forum. You might be interested in keeping an eye on the Local DMV forum as well.

    And maybe you'll see fit to advance your riding skills at some point in this New Decade. Training is always (well mostly) money well spent. Keep your ear out for possible sessions. We've taken Jim Ford's class (a former salesman for Bob's in MD).
    Give a look at:

    You're gonna need all the skills you can muster to survive the DMV!
    Ciao! HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen
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    Thumbs up

    Extending another Welcome your way! I had a look at the bike photo on your profile page... you knocked it out of the park!

    Nice riding also where that pic was taken. What will be your dealer choice?

    Hey... Point that machine toward Montana this June. We sorta have a family type party that month.

    "travel'n" John

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    Welcome to the forum.
    I still have a Harley in the stable and understand exactly what you mean about pirates/"posers".

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    Thanks for the welcome and the kind words. Re my preferred type of riding, I commute on the bike a fair amount, and make day trips into the Appalachians as often as possible ...and longer road trips now and then. Glad to be here!

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