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Thread: Riding jeans

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    Riding Jeans to fit

    I'm migrated to suspenders with riding pants as I can buy a size up and have a bit of a looser fit. It seems in my advanced years I fluctuate about 10lbs from year to year. Let go and gain the 10, then go on a diet and lose the 10. Everything fits great on the down cycle and everything fits too tight on the up cycle. I just checked out the Klim Fifty 1 and Fifty 2 jeans and using their sizing wizard them recommend 36S as I have about a 34-35 waist and 27.5" inseam. They don't have that size, and doubt if they will. I remember vaguely chasing down a small company (1, maybe 2 person shop) that handmade moto jeans but for the life of me can't find the link. That seems to be where I'm headed if I want to continue to wear jeans as opposed to riding pants.

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    Not meaning to be pedantic and probably no one cares ... so just for the record/fyi ...

    The reason motorcycle racers wear one-piece leathers and the reason many riding suits feature zip-together jackets and pants is that if your pants aren't essentially attached to your shoulders there exists some chance they will simply come off as you're sliding down the pavement after a get-off. I wouldn't count on suspenders.

    So, recommend thinking safety over economy.
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    I hear about lots of people wearing riding jeans, but I have yet to read much about how they actually work in a crash, low, med or high speed.

    I know from my childhood days that jeans will rip from a 5MPH crash from a skateboard.

    Has anybody crashed a set and reported it?
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    Riding jeans

    I have a generic pair of riding jeans and have a couple of issues with then
    One the armor is annoying when not setting on motorcycles, on some brands armor can be removed with out taking pants off, I cheaped out and did not get that feature.
    Two with the Kevlar lining jeans are very hot in warm weather.
    The good my wife really likes the way the look when I have them on so I remove armor and happy wife happy life.
    Before I take off on a ride I am putting on my riding boots, jacket, helmets and gloves so so putting on a pair of motorcycle pants over what ever I am wearing that day no big deal. I have a couple of pair of Aerostich Darienís that I purchased used, side zips on legs make pants easy to put on or take off over boots, waterproof so I donít have to carry rain pants with me. To stay comfortable while riding light stuff under them in the summer and heavy stuff in the winter

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    SO after some thoughts

    I think I am down to Aerostich Protekt, Bull It Tactical jeans or the new Bull It Convert jeans. Will do more research now.I like items of each of them.
    Yes, must make the wife happy!
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    I have four different brands. Bull It SR6, Aerostich Protekt, Reax and some older Slider Jeans. My go to tend to be the Aerostich followed by the Reax. The Sr6s just feel "heavy". No crash experience, but I'm confident that between the abrasion resistence of the jeans and the Bohn body armor pants, I should fair reasonably well. When I tour, it's almost always my RevIt textiles with suspenders AND jacket zip. Racing taught me the value of safety first!

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