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Thread: Wunderlich R 1250 RT Front Crash Bar Installation

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    Wunderlich R 1250 RT Front Crash Bar Installation

    Seasonal Greetings.

    I will get straight tot the point. I have run into a few snags trying to fit the Wunderlich engine crash bars on a fully loaded 2019 R 1250 RT. The biggest problem (I will list these later), besides poor instructions, is the re-fitment of the auxiliary lights once the L.H.S. (left hand side) engine crash bar has been fitted. Now the picture instructions for the R1250 RT clearly show how wunderlich have modified the crash bars from the previous R1200 RT to take into account the factory fitment of auxiliary lights by making available a forward mounting point to relocate the L.H.S. auxiliary light, BUT there is no mention of how the auxiliary cable is supposed to reach the light?? does not make sense, well here are some pics.

    IMG_1704 aux light forward fit small.jpg
    One solution would be to sit the light on top of the hanger.
    IMG_1704 aux light forward fit perched small.jpg

    Can I be the first to have run into this problem?

    I would have preferred to have run the cable down and along the hanger to the light, but I am a foot too short in cable length. Have I made an error, or as I suspect Wundelich have an 'Ooops' on there hands.

    Is there an extension cable that can be purchased? the last thing I want to do is go splicing cables on a new bike.

    Can somebody help me?


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    Kevin, I would try my luck with Wunderlich first and see what they say. Good luck, and let us know what's up.
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    Turn the lights upside down. That puts the lights closer to the center, looks better too.
    2019 RT

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    Ilium's front bar on R1250RT.

    ilium front bar.jpg
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    Thanks for all the advice. I will contact Wundelich and see what they say. My gut is telling me I may have to extend the harness.


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