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Thread: Lake Havasu to Loreto, Mexico (Feb '20)

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    Lake Havasu to Loreto, Mexico (Feb '20)

    Myself and two friends are riding from Lake Havasu to Loreto, Mexico this February.

    Curious if anyone has done the ride and if you can suggest places to stay, visit, eat, get bikes serviced/repaired, or places to avoid. Two of us frequently visit Mexico (mainland) with work as corporate pilots so the entry/exit is not a concern for us. The route, lodging, food, water and services are our main focus. We have a VRBO set up in Loreto already.

    Any recommendations for Mexico insurance?

    Our steeds are a 2019 F850GS Adventure (me), a 2018 Triumph Tiger 800 Adventure (or whatever its called) and a KTM 1090. All have knobby tires and adequate protection. What spare parts, tools, kits would you take with you?

    We'll have at leats 2 DeLorme InReach Satellite communicators and our phones are on international plans.

    All other input, suggestions and comments are welcome!


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    I consider myself a Baja Vet, growing up as a surfer In LA we went down there all the time in the 70's-2000's.
    We always crossed the border in Tijuana southbound very early in the morning with our insurance sorted and a full tank of gas, like 3 AM. We tried to get south of Ensenada before the sun came up. That's a real lawless area. TJ to Ensenada.
    I've got to say, I stopped going into MX about 15 years ago, call me a chicken, I don't mind. We used to go camp on these pristine deserted beaches and surf, then in the 2000's the petty theft problem erupted, any thing not nailed down walked off. I got robbed twice, at gunpoint. For a couple hundred bucks.
    The petty theft, The violence, gun violence,, the La Mordida [ The BITE ] the bribe the cops hit you up for to let you go from some BS traffic infraction, The military checkpoints etc etc etc. Too much for me. The general lawlessness is unbelievable.
    People are generally SO poor even a person of average means looks so wealthy and hence is a target.
    If your in a vehicle accident and you can move- haul ass. In a accident in MX Everyone goes to jail, not fluent in Spanish? Good Luck.
    But that's just me.
    Its so sad really the TOTAL corruption from the top to the bottom. And its been that way for ever. MX could be so different; Its got a lot going for it, ocean fisherys, forestry products, Minerals, tourism, Gas and oil, manufacturing, its big. I have friends who still go though and many do. Keep your eyes open and your valuables well stashed and don't bring anything you don't want to lose.

    Flame suit on

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    I have done two motorcycle trips to Baja in the last couple of years. Great experience, good people cheap accommodations.

    I have flown into Loreto twice in the last two years for spear fishing, also a great trip.

    I have found the state department website good for travel recommendation, any where in the world. Currently Baja is listed as a threat level two out of 4 that is better than many places people take for granted.

    Enjoy your trip it will be awesome Baja is fantastic.

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    We did Baja in February 2018 - Tecate to Cabo and back.

    A great trip, Went down the East Side, and back up on the Pacific side.


    was great, in February you should be able to see some Blue Whales.
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