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    Unhappy Jack Riepe book

    Has anyone who ordered Jack's latest book The motorcycle rider's diet received their copy yet. I ordered one at the rally in Tennessee and have not received it yet. I have sent two messages to his web site over the last couple of weeks and have not gotten a reply.

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    Riepe book delay

    Jack Riepe called the house a few weeks ago and talked to the Mrs.
    He said a problem has developed with the publisher and the book is delayed.
    He still hoped to have it ready for Christmas. (my gift from the Mrs.)
    He offered to refund her money, but she declined.
    I think he will come through after all is said and done.
    He had her phone number because she had called him to order the book.
    Maybe you can find it and call him.

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    Jack called Tim back in October with the same publisher details regarding the 3rd book. We've received the first two. Jack is on FaceBook so you may want to try there.

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    Jack Riepe book

    Thanks for the replies, I trust Jack. I was just wondering if the books had started being shipped. Ill be patient and wait for it to show up.

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    The Mrs received a notice on her email from the publisher stating problems with Jack wanting them to not take out sections of the book and he has added more chapters to it.
    A refund was offered. No, we will take the book.
    They also said the press run would probably be limited to pre-ordered books and a second run was doubtful.

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