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Thread: Route 66 - Advice/recommendations

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    Route 66 - Advice/recommendations

    Riding rt 66 in September with a group of about 10. Boston to Chicago in 24 hours, then the rest on rt 66 at a leisurely pace, 300 400 miles per day tops. Asking for advice/suggestions on anything - motels, food, drinks, attractions. Very much looking forward to it so all ideas are appreciated. Thanks.
    Frank in Boston MA.

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    We have stayed five times at the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba Mo. on Route 66.


    KHCR 2018 (17).jpg

    KHCR 2018 (18).jpg

    Covered parking for bikes
    Wagon Wheel (11).jpg

    Fire ring and wood
    Wagon Wheel (10).JPG

    Wagon Wheel (2).jpg

    Quite a few murals within walking distance.
    Cuba (3).jpg

    Shelly's a few blocks away is a good place for breakfast.
    KHCR 2018 (24).jpg
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    Frank, once you get down to Texas, be sure and take a look at Cadillac Ranch and Palo Duro Canyon. Both are near Amarillo and Canyon, TX.

    There's a book called Road Trip USA (See: which devotes a whole section to Route 66. There's a lot of detail about things to see all over the USA, and the Route 66 section is long and detailed. It goes from Chicago to LA.

    I have a copy of the book from a few years ago, but I don't imagine the Route 66 piece has changed a lot in four years. Since I'm in Brookline, MA I'd be glad to let you borrow my copy for your planning and trip if you'd like. Just PM me your 'phone number and we'll work out delivery details.
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    Much of Old Route 66, west of OKC, is the access road that parallels I-40. It can get very frustrating to bump along over the expansion cracks in the old concrete roadway (they're spaced nicely @ 16.5 feet apart) while the traffic on I-40 is purring smoothly by @ 70mph +. My suggestion -- for those sections hop on the slab and wave at the poor people over on the access road (Old 66). Depart the slab whenever Old 66 veers away from I-40, or wherever you see the sign pointing to "Business Route 40" which is the original Route 66 through towns. Just my suggestion -- from someone who's ridden parts/all of 66 from Missouri to Cal several times.

    Someone has already mentioned Cadillac Ranch -- delightfully tacky, near Amarillo, TX.

    In Oklahoma, stop @ the Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum, located literally on Old 66 (now SR 66) in Warrick, OK, just a few miles east of US 177 north of Shawnee, OK.

    Check out the Wig Wam Motel in New Mexico -- stay in an Indian Tepee!

    Don't pass by JackRabbit, AZ! (One of the few places where you'll need to hop back onto the access road for a few miles). One of the most anticipated souvenir stops along Old Route 66. If you pass it on I-40, you'll only see the backside of the shack.

    Almost any town's business section (Business Route 40) is well worth the stop/go traffic through town.

    Enjoy the trip! It's a classic road trip, for sure!
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    Brush Creek Rainbow Bridge in Kansas is a good photo stop.I had to steal an Internet pic since I'm at work.

    Just noticed the NPS has a lot of Route 66 info. Open this link and click Next or Previous at the bottom of the page.
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