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Thread: Anyone Have Experience with Muc-Off Motorcycle/Bicycle Cleaner?

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    Anyone Have Experience with Muc-Off Motorcycle/Bicycle Cleaner?

    I was reading about the Muc-Off power washer on a bicycle website today. What it is is a $180 electric-powered portable bicycle/motorcycle pressure-washer. The advertising says it's got reduced power so it won't force water and cleaning fluids past seals and into bearings.

    Here's the URL:
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    My opinion on pressure washers in general-

    They have their place. They can clean crevices it’s tough to reach by other means. They can push liquid past seals inviting contamination later corrosion. They can strip the grease out of chains and cables. They can clean walks and decks as long as the stream from the wand is kept moving. On big trucks salting the highways, an inexperienced wash with one will drive salt into places on the truck that have never seen salt.
    Probably have caught my drift by now.

    This unit looks reasonably “safe” due to its low pressure. Possibly like a Karcher sold at the home stores. I think the marketing is mainly with the cleaning product associated with it. I purchased some Alco dirt bike/ATV specific cleaner that could be used via PW or bucket.......can’t tell that it did much of anything.

    My best washing is done in the rain or just after the rain has stopped while the “surface tension” of the dirt is broken up. Kinda tough on a bike though. Rag, brush, mitt, sponge <100* water (if you have waxed surfaces) and elbow grease yields the best job.

    As always, YMMV.

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    Muc-off cleaner from a hand sprayer, followed by a rinse with a garden hose only, I always follow up with a small bug sprayer with quality car wash detergent, again a through rinse with garden hose. Note: NO HIGH PRESSURE WATER

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