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Thread: Speedmetal led license plate frame

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    Speedmetal led license plate frame

    Was given one for Xmas. Would like to use it on my 2018 R1200GSA. Will the Canbus object? Any data would be great before I go messing around only to need to remove it if the Canbus is unhappy. Thanks.

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    I will be the odd man out, but try it! I run a Unigo trailer behind my 2018 RT. I put off the shelf LED bulbs in place of the incandescents and wired it directly to the tail light wiring harness. If it over loads the circuit the CANBUS controller will just shut down and no harm done. Unless you really screw something up you will not harm the electrical system on the motorcycle.

    Most will tell you to buy a Canopener of some similar device.
    From the only real Fargo, ND!

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    try it, but . . .

    As was noted, it might be a low enough current draw that you could get away just by tapping into your brake light circuit. Consider using a Posi-tap for the splice--not as good as a soldered connection but quick and far easier.

    I used a HexEzCan for mine, which eliminated any CanBus issues, plus allows some trick taillight flashing features, in addition, plus comes with other circuit options.

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