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Thread: 57F and Bright Sun in Boston 12/23!

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    57F and Bright Sun in Boston 12/23!

    It was a great day for a ride today in Boston...57-DegreesF, bright sunshine, and most roads with light traffic (except near the malls). I rode around for a couple of hours. Two Boston PD motor officers even returned my wave. I hope the warmth sticks around for a few days.

    Best wishes to all for a wonderful holiday season and a great year of riding in 2020!
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    Even the small slice of extra daylight was nice.
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    Made it to 52 in southern Iowa. You can see the white residue of salt and brine on the roads so no motorcycle ride.
    Went to one of the bicycle trails in the Des Moines area.

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    Absolutely beautiful equipment Lee!

    ...maybe 54F a few hours and might sunny in Cincy! And NOT dark at 5:30 quite yet.
    "travel'n" john

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