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Thread: Gs front ESA connector removal?

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    Gs front ESA connector removal?

    My 2011 R1200gs ESA front shock is leaking after 16,000 miles of brutal freeway use.
    EPM will rebuild it for $300 which is better than having to replace it.

    Removal looks simple enough, but the top electrical connector to the motor does not want to disconnect.
    I have the (full) gas tank moved back about 1Ē to access the top shock bolt. Does the tank need to be removed to get at the electrical connector?

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    I see i posted this in the wrong section, but have the shock off now. It looks like new except that it is leaking from the shaft seal. Too bad a bmw replacement is $2k.

    It is possible to remove the shock just by moving the tank back.
    The esa connectors under there are tricky, Ted Porter has a youtube that shows how to disconnect.
    There is a goofy plastic flap attached to the top of the shock. Getting at those bolts required a wobble extension.
    The top shock bolt came off ok, but the bottom needed a breaker bar to get the bolt loose.
    I removed the alternator belt cover for additional clearance.

    I think Itís actually easier to replace fork seals.
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    The GS is back together. Quick follow-up for anyone else doing this.
    Props to EPM for very quick repair. The shock came back in good condition. Only way you can tell it was apart is a small screw added near the top for Nitrogen charge.

    The front wheel needed to be lowered and raised to get the shock back in.
    The plastic flap thing is to keep the shock from rotating. The upper motor could interfere with fork tubes.
    About 20 fasteners needed to be removed and re-installed for the job.
    Donít drop the shock top nut or washer into the bike innards. They are hard to find and retrieve.
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