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Thread: Pure Stodge Iowa Rally date change

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    Pure Stodge Iowa Rally date change

    The Pure Stodge Iowa Rally new date is Sept. 17-20. More coming soon.

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    Yea, That's great for me. See you in 2020. It always seemed that all the rallies in the area are in a six week period around the month of June.
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    Thumbs up Kudos to the Club.....

    I believe you folks may be the first to effectively react to the MOA National’s new June love affair!

    I’ve missed the last couple years because of the calendar conflict; September’s date should be favorable for Good attendance and the campfire very appreciated. Best of luck.

    Now if the TOR (Colorado) would somehow reschedule annually the weekend after the MOA.... nirvana.

    “Travel’n” John.

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