Yes, indeed, the annual New Glarus Gathering, during the season of poor riding, will again take place on January 24,25,26 of 2020. That's just over a month away. There are already folks who have made their reservations at the Chalet Landhaus on Hwy 69 in New Glarus, Wisconsin. The usual festivities will ensue, with folks arriving Friday afternoon, checking in, then hanging around the lobby and fireplace, sharing snacks, stories, photos and libations that are brought just for the occasion. There are no firm plans for any of the activities that weekend. Usually Friday evening we stroll the two blocks to the Hotel New Glarus for Swiss themed food from the menu, or their Friday night buffet. And let's not forget the live polka music and dancing for those so inclined. After dinner some of us return to the Chalet lobby for more socializing, while some others may wander the town in search of whatever nightlife they find.

Saturday morning begins with the included breakfast at the Chalet, where plans are made for the day's explorations. Some may seek cheese, others local breweries. The Wollersheim Winery in nearby Prairie du Sac will be having their annual Port wine celebration, with tours and tastings. There is always the town of New Glarus to explore. Whatever tickles your fancy. Later in the afternoon folks make their way back to the Chalet and tell of their days exploits and share some of their goodies. Dinner is often, but not always, a short walk to the Sugar River Pizza restaurant, where there are also a large selection of local and "imported" microbrews available in bottles and cans to go with your dinner. More socializing follows.

Sunday morning starts with breakfast, followed by good-byes as folks begin their journeys home.

Come join us in the middle of the Season of Poor Riding for a weekend getaway. We've been doing this for almost 20 years, and haven't seen one motorcycle in all that time. Depending on the weather, there is a cross-country ski trail and also a snowmobile trail right behind the Chalet. PM me if you will be there, so I can look for you.