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Thread: Pavement paranoia!

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    Any nonsense that purports to justify why people don't wear helmets is balderdash. I have read it all: neck strain; peripheral vision; whiplash; and now noisiness. All of these silly excuses have next to no merit compared to the known ability of helmets to reduce fatalities and serious head injuries. NOTE: I said reduce not eliminate. But when peer pressure, pirate costumes, pseudo science and other goofiness comes between a rider and proven safety improvements from a helmet I call bovine excrement.
    I agree completely.

    Many Gold Wing riders of yore likely chose not to wear a helmet on the older models because of the increased wind noise and buffeting.

    As a note to others reading this thread, post #85 is part of a discussion about helmet aerodynamics and certainly not helmet safety.

    For example, while Rollie appears to be aerodynamic no one would recommended this for safe riding.

    He does appear to be wearing a helmet though!

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