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Thread: Pit Bull Stand Question for R1200RT

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    Quote Originally Posted by strataj View Post
    Sliding the bike forward on the center stand concerns me, I would be afraid of the stand clasping, we all know what would follow.
    That is my concern as well which is why I use a locking tie down strap securing the centre stand to the front wheel pulling it forward into the vice.

    Once the wheel is secured in the lift's vice, as well as tie downs from the forks to the lift, the bike is secure without further need for tying the front wheel and centre stand together.

    The large plastic piece under under the centre stand is large enough to place an oil pan on it.
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    I've used two methods to remove both wheels at the same time

    I used to do it with the Center stand and a front wheel lift on the garage floor.

    Since I got a bike lift, I use the center stand and a scissor lift.


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