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Thank you DeVern, we will follow your advice. What do you think Nebo Loop will be like.
Mt. Nebo had snow on Aug 18th, so with this most recent storm it is possible to see some accumulation at the back sides of the peaks, at least until it warms up this weekend. Breezy and cool would be my guess, and at the upper reaches of the road (over 9000’) I’d not expect tomorrow’s temps above 38-44F at midday. Best bet is to ask locally in Payson about the snow and road status. The fall colors up there should be spectacular now, tho.

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You can probably get away without a driver’s license for a few more days.... probably.
Alas, it expires tomorrow, and the Covid situation has messed up advance renewals so to keep the same expiration date, and I have reasons for doing that, I have to renew tomorrow. Plus, with my luck I’d end up having a roadside conversation over the expiration status at one of the three areas on that route that see notable patrolling—Mantua, Perry, and Trapper’s.

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