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Thread: Is it a sin? Handguards on my R1150R

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    Quote Originally Posted by treeguy View Post
    Would I be shunned if I was to order/install GS handguards on my lowly R? Not looking for LED flashers or color match - just some wind protection.
    To me handguards look right on a roadster.
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    Mine has handguards. It came that way to me. They are not BMW parts because they have Japanese writing on them. Heresy! I’m not taking them off either

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    The real “Sin” is that I don’t have an R1150R.

    Most people are wrapped up in their own World to warrant their opinion worthy about YOUR bike (including me).
    Eventually you will not care what anybody thinks of your bike. Nothing wrong with starting to think that way now.
    Riding in the cold is always better than not riding in the cold.

    Get the Handguards AND the Hippo Hands.

    And get the biggest opening on the “Hippo Hands” you can find. Maybe even find the original ones.


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