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Thread: Airhead handling, never good but can be better???HOW

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    Ten years ago purchased a '76 R90/6, with 33,000 on the odometer for $1500.00, spent about $600.00 to get it roadworthy. (low S bars included)
    Then went out of my mind spending a grand on suspension upgrades and then a Heinrich tank from a friend for another $1200.00.
    60,000 miles later, the ignition is Boyer electronic, and the Siebenrock 1000cc kit and new clutch have been installed. ($2500.00)
    Add the usual maintenance costs like timing chain, cables, tires, seal replacement etc. and that doubles the cost.
    I enjoy it!

    Please excuse me while I motor over to the fools that have wooden and fiberglass boats to let them know that carbon fiber is the way to go!
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