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Thread: G650GS Sertao Tach problems.

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    G650GS Sertao Tach problems.

    Here's hoping someone might have a remedy for this problem.. I can't be the only one.
    So there I am, riding along at around 3-4000rpm when the tach suddenly jumps to the redline, the red tach light comes on and it starts to bounce of the rev limiter. The engine is still at the same rpm, but shuts off like it had red lined. I pull in the clutch, wait about 5-10 seconds and the tach goes back to normal. I let out the clutch and off I go again. This repeats 30 seconds later. If I keep the bike below 3000 rpm it won't hit the limiter when the tach jumps, but riding around at 40mph gets old fast.
    I've had the re-flash which fixed it for two weeks. I've changed the fuel pump, which fixed it for a couple of weeks as well. It sometimes stalls at idle or when I accelerate away from a stop.
    I'm open to suggestions, thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum!
    How old is the battery?
    Can you hookup a way to monitor charging voltage while you are running?
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    Thanks, O.M.
    I know from my MDX that a weak battery can cause unusual issues. I had put it on my charger and it had indicated a full charge. Perhaps even though it says that it's still not putting out the the required current. I think I'll try a fresh battery just in case. Thanks for the tip, I'll post the results.

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    Had the same problem. Chased issue with 2013 650 GS swapping out various parts, CPU, fuel pump, fuel filter, throttle body, stick coils. Always come back to the fuel pump. Not saying it was it but the problem finally went away when I swapped out the stock fuel pump that comes in a carrier (very expensive) for an inexpensive aftermarket pump from e-bay.

    If the battery fix does not resolve your issue I have one of those inexpensive fuel pumps sitting around, PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdominicp View Post
    riding along at around 3-4000rpm when the tach suddenly jumps to the redline.
    When you start up the bike, do you stay off the throttle, and let it start and idle on its own? These thumpers get funny issues when you don't.

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    The start-up procedure for this bike : Turn the key to on position, wait 10 seconds, press starter and hold the button down for 1-2 seconds after it's fired up. Don't touch the throttle.
    Seems a bit much, doesn't it. I'm used to bikes with carbs, turn the key, hit the button, off you go!! It's a 2014, you think they'd know how to build a reliable F.I. system. Apparently not.

    I had one of the first F.I. bikes, a '81 Kwack GPz1100. Nice bike , terrible F.I., I ended up ripping it all out and installing a bank of carbs, massive improvement. Hmm...There's an idea...

    When I have time I'm going to try swapping the battery for new, and go from there.

    Thanks for your input.

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