So after purchasing a new Schuberth C4 Pro Helmet last summer, I've been holding out on purchasing the SC-1 Comm System after reading all of the negative reviews. There were rumors of an updated SC-2 being released this year but I just confirmed with the Tech Support division of Schuberth that this is NOT happening.
Being an electronics guy I'm planning on taking an SC-1 module and retrofitting the guts from either a SENA 20S or the new 30K, this way I can utilize the pre-installed speakers and microphone that came with my C4 Pro and retain the clean internal design of the original SC-1. My question is, does anyone out there have a broken SC-1 that they would like to donate to the cause? Once I have completed the project I will make the plans available to all MOA members here and we can all benefit from this. I have an extensive electronics background including military communications and 25 years in the electronic security industry, so I'm quite sure I can make this happen at a reasonable cost. Thank you in Advance!