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Thread: Shinko 777 on '98 to '04 LT

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    Shinko 777 on '98 to '04 LT

    I sent a note to Shinko rep., Asking for guidance on a front tire to go with a Shinko 777 rear on my '01 K1200LT. This was the reply:

    Hello Richard,

    Thank you for reaching out to Shinko Tire.

    From the information available to us, your BMW K1200LT requires the following front and rear tire sizes;

    FRONT: 120/70 R17 58V

    REAR: 160/70 R17 79V

    The Shinko SR777 tires are not the correct tires for you to use on your BMW because they are not available in RADIAL construction for the sizes you need.

    We can only recommend you use tires of the same size, load & speed rated and same construction type (bias or radial) as those that were Original Equipment on your motorcycle from the factory. Your vehicles owner’s manual should have this information as well.

    Unfortunately, we do not offer a rear tire in the correct size and speed/load rating for your BMW K1200LT.

    Thank you for considering Shinko Tires. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Adam Lukoic
    Division Manager – Shinko Tire

    Western Power Sports Inc. | 208 376-8400 ext 3905 |

    I'll be needing tires soon, and wanted to consider Shinko, partly because I'm happy with 009 Ravens on my RS.
    Apparently Shinko believes an 01 K1200LT requires radials. Does this make sense to anyone?

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    I believe BMW recommended radial tires on the '98 to '04 KLTs and bias on the '05 to '09 KLTs because of a change in the steering head angle. If you go to you can find a lot of tire information for the K1200LT.
    Gary White

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