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Thread: Front Tires 1250 GS

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    BMW R1250GS Tire

    I am surprised by some of the comments here regarding the Bridgestone Battleax A41 tires (not that I doubt anyone who has had that experience) because I find these tires exceptional as a 90/10 road-biased tire. I only have 2,503 miles on mine and, yes, they appear to be wearing quickly -- I would anticipate roughly 5 - 6,000 miles of life before needing replacement -- but i value grip and handling way more than tire life as I do tend to ride aggressively 50% of the time. I also had a set of Michelin Anakee Adventures on my first R1250GS (which I totaled at 3,267 miles) and the wore a bit better but had pretty decent grip -- in particular given their 80/20 design. I'm thinking about the Michelin TKC70 Rock as my next set as I want to do a bit more off-road riding.


    P.S. I've attached a file showing the rate of wear based on tread depth measurements at (roughly) 500 mile intervals. I'll do this for all future tire purchases so I have hard data on which to base my tire choices on.
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    Dang. It sounds like you all need one of these! Be the popular guy in town.


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