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Thread: We Survived the Attack of the Killer Border Patrol Speed Bumps!

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    I did some snooping to see why the right mirror was dangling.

    Getting to the mirror mount was actually quite easy. A few screws, the right speaker comes off and there's the mounting point for the mirror.

    First off, there is a tether. A rather stout one.

    Second, the right front panel carrier is broke.

    The right mirror did not collapse, it broke off its mounting tab on the right front panel carrier. About $530 per the web.

    With some more snooping it appears the front nose is two pieces and only the right side is damaged.

    That simplifies the panel carrier and front nose removal from what I see on the K16 RepRom.

    Still the amount of labor needed to take stuff off and put new back on will probably be the biggest bite.

    Thanks to all for the kind words. We appreciate it.

    And hope all had a excellent Thanksgiving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogthebasher View Post
    I would want to check all those big trailers they are pulling, likely carrying a good supply of Canadian Whiskey.
    A buddy of mine, rest his bones - cancer, worked at the Nogales, AZ Border Check.

    If an RV came through with Canadian plates the fuel tanks were immediately suspect.

    They carried Canadian Whiskey south, then tanked up with Tequila for the return trip north!

    Sometimes more than 50 gallons!

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