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Thread: /2 chassis to /5 /6 motor conversion

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    /2 chassis to /5 /6 motor conversion

    have a a 1967 r60/2 & a /5 motor . i am a mechanic by trade and a garage full of air heads but never done this conversion . its not a difficult project . no use reinventing . can anyone shed some light on this to make the exchange easier

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    Welcome to the forum! This sort of thing is done all the time. Certainly I've seen the engine mounted in the /2 frame...I'm a little unclear but it would seem the transmission as well as the rest of the drivetrain needs to transfer as well...not totally sure.

    There was a conversion group on Yahoo Groups, but Yahoo has recently begun the process of shutting down their Groups areas. Most so far has been transferring to don't know if the former Yahoo Groups has made the transition.

    I know that the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners club had a quarterly magazine within the past few years which was devoted completed to conversions. It's not available would have to be a member to see that.

    Depending on what you find out here, I would certainly try and track down what happened to the old Yahoo Groups.
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    I have done this conversion to a R50/2 using an R90/6 motor and electrical system.

    It will require some typing, photos and Q/A to describe the process. Getting the motor to fit requires some frame and earls fork mods. The frame needs to be spread to fit the engine so as to create proper alignment of the drive shaft with the transmission flange. The engine mounts are identical. Typical electric conversion includes a complete/5 headlight and harness. If you want to use your conversion as a sidecar tug then add brake upgrades and possibly wheel changes. Connecting the late style 4 or 5 speed to a /2 drive shaft takes a spacer. The /5 tail light ground wire is not used because the steel fender is the ground plain for the tail light assembly. The forward seat mount has to be relocated above the frame tubes to provide clearance for the /5 air filter housing requiring the seat mount to be shortened. The list goes on. Can you weld?
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