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Thread: Exhaust headers 2013 r1200 RT Anniversity

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    Accentuate the positive ...

    those pipes aren't running down your leg from a cylinder head in your crotch
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    My chrome pipes are rusting nicely inside and I've debated on whether to touch the rust with a little hydra acid, (hydrochloric) to take the little rust off of just let it go since the rust is going so slow I'm thinking let it go. I've done this before on my other bikes and friends, the bikes weren't beemers, rice burners and American many years ago. I didn't know any company put stainless pipes on. My headers look dark brown, I'm the second owner of a 09 1200rt and I couldn't care less what they look like as long as the bike runs great and it does, I ride every chance I get, no long rides yet and I really doubt I will be able to do one as I have a really messed up back, three bad car accidents, was on disability for a long time, now retired and riding doesn't bother my back much, just have to be careful. I don't think about my back when riding, just ride and enjoy the freedom and cooler weather we have now in south TX.

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    Had my exhaust system ceramic coated

    Iíve been very happy with the ceramic coating done by JetHot. They have a large pallet of colors but I went with their original Classic Polish. Very tough and no more discolored pipes. Reasonably priced too.
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