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Thread: hey folks

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    hey folks

    Another new guy here. Originally from Boston, I escaped to Florida years ago and currently reside north of Pensacola. I love the opportunity to ride year round here, and I finally got a decent bike yesterday. She's a beautiful blue 2001 K1200LT with only 34000 miles. I got her insured this morning so now it's time to ride.

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    Welcome to the forum and BMWs, jz! Get those "knees in the breeze"!! Show us a picture of the bike when you get a chance. Oh, and add your location details in your will help in the future if people can recommend services, etc., near you.
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    Hope you enjoy your 'new' ride, JZ!
    Also hope you've settled upon a good training environment there in western FL. You've picked a rather massive Beemer
    {I had an '03 LT and I picked it up more than once - be mindful!}. We just enjoyed a quick vacation to the Keys and an overnight stay at the Pensacola NAS. The National Naval Aviation Museum is well worth the time to investigate, Y'all...

    Don't know if you've seriously gotten into 2-wheeled touring yet, but you're close enough to Leeds, AL that you need to plan a visit to the Barber's Motorsport Museum - it's even bigger & better than the aviation museum!

    Hope your new Touring machine suits your lifestyle!
    Ciao, HSV-Phil

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