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Thread: Rear brake caliber rubbing on rotor?

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    Rear brake caliper rubbing on rotor?

    Have just replace the rear brake pads on my 2006 R1200 ST, and noticed the caliper is rubbing ever so lightly on the rotor.
    My guess the rotor is warped or am I missing something?

    What is a new rotor cost?
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    Welcome to the forum! Have you slowly spun the tire and looked at the movement of the rotor to see if it comes near the caliper? Maybe try also slightly actuating the brake but still spin the wheel.
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    Is it possible that a small rock ended up lodged in a hole on the rotor and caused the scoring before getting ground off enough to fall out? I don't know the exact design of the rotor but know there are holes in some of them to help dissipate heat.

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    Most likely the caliper is stuck on its mounts or the pistons are stuck in the caliper. Applying the brake should be pushing the pistons out of the caliper and pushing that side of the caliper away from the rotor.

    Check that the caliper can move freely side-to-side on its mounting pins, and stays in place when you stop pushing on it. The front pin is especially prone to sticking from dirt and corrosion, and if over-greased will spring back to it's original position, also causing drag.
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    Iím with Ikraus...look at your caliper pins, likely bound up.

    While this article was written for a GS, the principle is the same:

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    Firstly thanks for the welcome and the replies from all of you.
    So check the caliper as suggested and it move ok and reviewed the web site suggested on the rear brake.
    Great information.
    So the only thing left was the disc and I bought a new after market one for $200 AUD and upon removing the old disc was able to establish it was warped.
    Why did it warp is the qustion and I think it was combination of worn out pads and the caliper not moving on the pins correctly which ended up over heating the disc.
    You can the blueing of the disc. The new disc is now in the centre of the fixed part of the caliper.
    All good.
    Again thx for your replyís.

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