Hate to be a moaning minnie particularly since I am not technology gifted. I have real heart burn with the search engine for the site. being new to both the forum and to these wonderful BMW bikes I have zillions of questions. Many of which I am sure have been asked zillions of times. I therefore try to do some legwork rather than load up the forum with more of the same old questions. I AM TRYING, however searching is practically pointless. My results are never what I want and I always find posts that contain ANY of the words in my search. I can not find an option to even set up the words, ie all, exact order, any and so on. What am I missing? Please help as it is making me miss valuable hours of reading and learning I just don" visit as much as I want to due to this. Recent example I wanted to search for specifics on a 600 mile service. What I got was any thread or post with any of the words. Now while the story of a guy riding cross country did prove to be entertaining it was a hit simply because he had a service done prior to the trip I even tried the " " or boolean for exact phrase. Nothing changed. Am I missing something or does this 60+ year old need to find his library card like to "good old" days.